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Article eternal links are one of the highly effective tools for website promotion. So, what is an article eternal link – this is an article with a link that goes to your site. For productive promotion of the resource, it is necessary to increase the reference mass monthly.

Buy article links
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What is an article perpetual link? This is an external link that is set inside the article on the page of the donor site forever.
Usually, such a link is in an article that complements its meaning – such an article recommends that customers get additional information on the site, see a specific product, service, etc. This is the key to that the links will be wrapped in strictly thematic text, written mainly for the promoted request. By the principle of placement, eternal links are also called article links, see the example below.
Buy article links
Buy article links

You must understand that article promotion is not just buying articles on different exchanges. With the right approach to content, article promotion is also a highly effective tool and a way to create a brand, business, and service. In the case of posting a worthy article on a visited thematic site, you get decent targeted traffic to your resource, which at least improves behavioral factors. As a result, your site becomes more attractive when ranking.

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Article promotion - and its benefits

High Quality Links

High Quality Links

SEO and Brand Awareness

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Why You Should Apply for Article Promotion at Digital Agency Okeycompany

The digital agency “Okaycompany” performs article promotion of your resource, offering our clients high-quality and highly effective promotion. What you get by contacting us:
  1. high-quality results are guaranteed: we select the best sites for posting articles, thoroughly control the quality of the articles themselves;
  2. how much it costs – the price of Okaycompany’s services is quite affordable, despite the fact that the effect is very highly justified;
  3. personal approach: when creating an article promotion, a complete analysis of the donor site is carried out, which offers some goods or services to them, we select masterpiece suitable sites for placement in order to publish truly useful and interesting materials;
  4. it’s a pleasure to work with us – because we have a transparent relationship with each client (we conclude a formal agreement with you), we we make sure that you have a real pleasure to work with us and our Digital agency Okeycompany
To order such a service – buy article links (article promotion), you will need to choose one of the options below, which suits you best. Just click ORDERand our employee will contact you shortly. Also, we recommend you crowd marketing


$ 20
for the link
Minimum order of 20 links
Texts are written by site webmasters
Selection of pictures and gifs
Suitable for promoting a large
number of pages on your site
Placement indexing


$ 34
per link
Minimum order of 15 links
Individual thematic texts
Selection of pictures and gifs
Bring productive results better and
faster than cheap links
Indexing placements


$ 62
per link
Minimum order from 10 links
Individual texts 3000-6000 characters
Selection of pictures and gifs
Best referral traffic
SEO optimization for search queries
Indexing Placements
Enhancing Placement with Links
5/5 - (20)
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