What's Included semantic core

  1. Utilizing a competitor’s Semantic Core.
  2. Selecting the intersection of keywords from multiple competitors.
  3. Applying keywords used by competitors in contextual advertising.
  4. Gathering similar keywords.
  5. Utilizing search suggestions.
  6. We will formalize an official agreement with you!

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Order the collection of semantic core – promotion of any website starts with compiling a semantic core is a list of keywords and queries that are most often used on those pages that are similar in subject matter to the pages of your site. OKeyCompany will collect the semantic core for you on time to make website promotion more efficient.

Why semantics will make website promotion more efficient

Search engines provide users with query results that can answer the user’s questions. Those sites that contain only direct answers to requests are recognized as such results, and the system determines the degree to which the content of the site matches the request due to the presence of keywords.

Semantics collection service is the basis for building a promotion strategy. A properly composed core is necessary in order to bring the site to the first positions. If the core is built superficially, or if it does not exist at all, the rate of increasing the relevance of the site will noticeably decrease and the traffic will be minimal.

After that, the optimization of the keys is performed – all unnecessary phrases that do not determine the theme of the page are removed. Next, clustering is performed – grouping keywords and phrases for individual queries, since one page can contain answers to several search queries at once.

Which keys are highlighted when parsed

Keyword collection, key phrases

The semantic core is a whole set of keys, and clustering is performed according to several features. It is important to determine the goal that you are pursuing – is it to promote your own products or services or create an information resource with valuable information. Based on this, keywords and phrases are divided into three groups:

  • Informational. Users use these phrases in the search bar when they want to find an informational article and get an answer to their question. As an example, users enter “how to change the battery in a smartphone” or “Caesar salad recipe”.

  • Transactional. These keywords determine the requests of users who are ready to buy something. Most often, they enter product names into the search box, and the keywords are phrases such as “buy a TV”, “rent an apartment in Ukraine” and even “technical center” for Nissan cars».
  • Other requests. Such keywords and phrases allow you to determine what actions the user wants to take. Search engine queries can be ambiguous – for example, if a user enters the word “pizza” in a line, this may mean a desire to cook a dish on their own or order it in a pizzeria.

Efficiency of compiling a semantic coreSemantic core effect for the site, collection of semantics

SEO-promotion of the site, based on properly built semantics, will help to achieve great goals in website promotion:

  1. Increasing traffic – website traffic;
  2. The cost of actions when setting up contextual advertising is reduced;
  3. Audience coverage is increasing;
  4. The cost of developing and improving the project is noticeably reduced;
  5. The sales of online stores are increasing;
  6. Improving the activity of potential customers – increasing the number of calls;
  7. The ability to highlight products for search engines.
  8. All services are provided after contract conclusion.

Or you can order the full complex SEO – website promotion.

Order a semantic core

Price semantic core

The core of semantics

2,5 UAH 1 Word
  • Number of keywords 600 pcs
  • Duration of work 1 - 3 days

The core of semantics

2 UAH 1 Word
  • Number of keywords 1100 pcs
  • Duration of work 4 - 6 days

The core of semantics

1.5 UAH. 1 Word
  • Number of keywords 4000 pcs.
  • Duration of work from 12 days

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semantic core

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