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E-shop: create opening introduction

Order an online store on opencart – what you need to sell online – the norm and a prerequisite for any store, therefore, such a service as the creation of online stores in Kiev and other large cities is always in demand. Starting to sell on the Internet is easy – just solve such a problem as creating a web resource and publish your resource on the network. However, in order to order the creation of an online store from professionals, it is important to understand what an online store is, how it differs from other software products, and what tasks it solves. In addition, the price for creating an online store will differ depending on the tasks assigned to it.

What You will get:

Individual designs

Effective web design and art are not the same thing. We design for the user with business goals in mind. We use advanced web design principles to create websites that are aesthetically pleasing and deliver financially rewarding results. A website is a point of contact with a brand, a business tool and a place where critical conversions can be achieved. A good website can become an engine for business growth. A bad website can damage your brand.

Creation of an online store
Creation of an online store


Our copywriters know how to write concisely and effectively to capture less and more attention. They know how to make a story unfold and make the pages flow. They can think like they’re visiting the site for the first time and make the page attractive to people and crawlers. And they will delve into product features, service offerings, and more to find a message that resonates.

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Adaptive design

More than 60 percent of web users search from their phones. If your site lacks responsive design, it won’t display well on phones. You will lose sales and leads when users have to pinch and zoom. With our responsive web design services, you get a polished design and maximize conversions.

Creation of an online store


What is online store

Order an online store – this is a site whose task is to be your official resource for the sale of a particular product. This type of site usually includes:

  • Information about the seller and delivery methods.
  • The customer should see the product catalog with prices.
  • Ability to place an order.
  • Feedback.

When visiting the site, the client should be able to quickly:

  • Find out the geography of sales, for example, Ukraine, Kiev, or, say, Odessa.
  • Get seller information – company name, assortment, for example, a women’s clothing store, or a home appliances store.
  • View products, usually categorized.
  • View the card of the item of interest, which usually includes an image, description, and price.
  • Submit item to cart and order item from cart.
  • Clarify product details.

stages of creating
online store in ukraine

Creation of an online store

Global immersion

A complete analysis of your business and competitors' client requests, this will make your business more unique.

Creation of an online store

Page creation

We come up with the design of the pages and make them as user-friendly as possible.​

Creation of an online store


We write text accompanied by your photos, videos and audio for the most useful presentation of services / products.

Creation of an online store

Layout development

We coordinate with you every step-by-step design step.

Creation of an online store


We implement adaptive layout for mobile devices.

Creation of an online store

Connecting counters of web analytics systems

Set up goals for conversion tracking.

By filling out our Brief, it will give us the benefits to quickly create a "Corporate website"

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digital agency

What can it cost you to order from us opencart online store – become a recognizable and permanent platform for the sale of a particular product. Over time, users begin to find such a site themselves, which will not require funds for additional advertising. Usually, an online store is created forever and lasts a long time, unlike a landing page, which is often confused with an online store.

What is the difference between online store and landing

Landing is a one-page advertising site created to draw attention to a promotion, product or service. It is temporary and is usually created for a promotion. Landing pages attract the visitor to purchase by making a compelling offer, usually more attractive than just buying from an online store, as well as using a call to action to make it very clear to the user what they want from him.

For the visitor to have no doubts, landing pages practice creating a sense of urgency as well as providing a guarantee. As an action, the user is expected to call, fill out a form, or go to an online store.

Usually, visitors are attracted to a landing page through paid advertising, while visitors to an online store are attracted using SEO promotion. Landing pages are often created as part of promotions to attract visitors to an online store.

Creating online stores turnkey

Order an online store – the price of creating an online store on opencart depends on urgency, complexity, scale, presence of non-standard requirements, design features, the need for automation and the need for original functionality.

Compared to a landing page, a more fundamental solution is an online store, the creation of which requires a completely different platform. To create stores, the PHP programming language is most often used, but today it is rare for anyone to write a website from scratch. Most often, already developed software products are used, such as cms Joomla or cms WordPress, which are enough to modify using a ready-made set of tools to get a new store. This allows you to get a platform for sale quite quickly.

Usually, the creation of an online store is not tied to either the geography of the sale or the features of the product. It can be Kharkiv or Moscow, your business can be related to the sale of auto parts or a subscription to a professional publication – firstly, creating online stores for such diverse business lines will not differ much, and secondly, it will not depend on the location of the developer. Thus, the service “Website development” can be ordered anywhere in the world, the main thing is to find a developer who can solve your problems.

Creation of an online store

What is included in creating an online
official site

Site Options

Online store
UAH 39 000
  • Global immersion
  • Create from a template
  • Content
  • Layout
  • Connecting counters of web analytics systems

Site in installments

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Domain ( as a gift for 12 months
Hosting 2 months as a gift

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domain names

https://your-domain. ua pro com name

Children's online store


Children's Online Store

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services for online shop

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