Rent a website

Rent a ready-made website from 2000 UAH/month today

Website rental or website rental is a new service on the market, it is ideal for young, growing companies.

Need a website but aren’t willing to pay full price for it? We have a great offer – rent website! You don’t pay for hosting and for domain – only a monthly fee. How to choose the right option?

Взять готовый сайт в аренду
Rent a website
Взять готовый интернет-магазин в аренду
Взять готовый сайт в аренду

What sites are for rent?

Digital agency Okeycompany offers to rent a website on favorable terms: you pay only for the finished website, optimization and web promotion. The physical address, phone number and email are yours, the project itself formally belongs to us – a legal entity outside of you. After a few months, you will make a decision: continue renting, refuse the service, or buy the project.

You can save a lot of money by doing this. Judge for yourself – you don’t need to pay for the work of designers, programmers and other specialists, you just leave a request, then we will contact you and advise on all issues, be sure to conclude a lease agreement. We offer our customers free 3rd level domains, but if they do not suit you, you can purchase another domain separately. If you really like the rented site, and you want to buy it, then we will be happy to meet you halfway and sell it at a discount.


Website rental terms

  1. 2000 UAH per month (advance payment for the first 3 months) costs of domain registration and site hosting (10 Gb disk space, dedicated IP address) are included in the rent!
  2. Designing a website for your rental niche (discussing the lease term)
  3. Pay the site rent (Privat24 or details)
  4. Send us your contact details for installation on the site (Contacts)
  5. We are replacing all contact information on the site (phone, address, email)
  6. Change company names, logo if necessary (possible under our brand)
  7. We connect the call form from the site and the feedback form to email to your number
  8. Creating a mailbox.
  9. We customize the website for you. After that, we give you the admin panel and teach you how to work with it
  10. You can terminate your lease at any time
  11. It is possible to buy a rented site by agreement

The Benefits of Renting a Website

Among the main advantages of rented resources are:

  • Economical, since renting a ready-made site is much cheaper than creating a full-fledged project ABOUT ONE CUP OF COFFEE A DAY.
  • The site already has hosting support, a domain, thoughtful security, protection against hacks and viruses.
  • In case of technical failures, get prompt support.
  • Business, including trading, can be started already from the first minutes after signing the site lease agreement, if we already have a ready-made site suitable for you.
  • If we don’t have a website ready, we will develop it for you in 1 to 10 days

You can always buy a rented site if the business project justifies itself economically.

Website rental price

By renting a website, you save more than $1000 in the first month:

$ 0
$ 0
$ 0
Site layout
$ 0
Site development
$ 0
SEO setup
$ 0

Site rental

2000 грн MONTHLY
  • Hosting
  • 3rd level domain
  • CMS training
  • Site support
  • Basic SEO setup

Buy a ready site

от 10 000 грн FOR LIFE

Renting a site is worth:

Rent a website

If you need to test a new business niche.

Rent a website

If you are limited in resources (time, money to develop your own website).

Rent a website

The cost of renting a website is many times lower than building a website from scratch, so renting a website is an ideal option for a start-up or small business.

Rent a website

If your business is seasonal, then it makes no sense to spend a lot of money on website development, pay for hosting and domain all year round. It is much more profitable to rent a site.

Leave a request for rent
site right now

We will contact you and advise on all issues


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course, it is possible, as soon as you decide to buy the site you are renting, you inform us and we will arrange a discount for you!

No problem, provide us with content and color.

Absolutely any add-on can be introduced into the site you rent.

Support for the rental project for the entire rental period.

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