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What is Corporate website

A corporate website is a business portal, a necessary element for the successful operation of any company, whether it is a large international organization or a small enterprise. It is the appearance and functionality of this site that determines what opinion potential customers will have about the company, so it is important to pay creatingcorporate website maximum attention. Unlike many other types of sites, a corporate resource includes a large number of pages and is one of the most difficult in terms of execution. Its task is to improve the image, expand the geography, attract customers and partners. At the same time, you should expect such a result only from a professionally developed resource.

What You will get:

Individual designs

Effective web design and art are not the same thing. We design for the user with business goals in mind. We use advanced web design principles to create websites that are aesthetically pleasing and deliver financially rewarding results. A website is a point of contact with a brand, a business tool and a place where critical conversions can be achieved. A good website can become an engine for business growth. A bad website can damage your brand.

Creation and development of the corporate website of the company
Creation and development of the corporate website of the company


Our copywriters know how to write concisely and effectively to capture less and more attention. They know how to make a story unfold and make the pages flow. They can think like they’re visiting the site for the first time and make the page attractive to people and crawlers. And they will delve into product features, service offerings, and more to find a message that resonates.

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Adaptive design

More than 60 percent of web users search from their phones. If your site lacks responsive design, it won’t display well on phones. You will lose sales and leads when users have to pinch and zoom. With our responsive web design services, you get a polished design and maximize conversions.

Creation and development of the corporate website of the company
Строительная компания

Order a corporate website Kyiv

A corporate website should reflect the essence of your organization. Regardless of its size, it is important to create a professional positive image for visitors.
A website is often the first impression a business makes on potential customers. Not only does it serve as a way for customers to find information, but it also reinforces your brand and image. So, a good website is absolutely essential for businesses in the digital age. Your website should communicate the organization’s values to visitors, as well as explain what it does.
Design is very important to an organization’s brand, as are functionality and navigation. It should stand out from your competitors. A poorly designed or broken website makes a company look bad. Websites need to be interesting and tell a compelling story in order to capture the attention of visitors, build trust, and convert them into customers.


corporate website company from scratch turnkey

Unlike business card site or its extended form — a representative site, a corporate site not only reveals the entire amount of useful information about the company, but also contains tools for processing content. It can be integrated with automation tools (CRM) to manage trade, resources, interact with customers, and also keep accounting records.

Company website elements

  • About the company — definition, mission, history, people.
  • Corporate news — internal events, external events, directives.
  • newsletters
  • Communication module — organization contacts, feedback form, forum, corporate chat.
  • Trade module —  catalog of goods and services, order, delivery.
  • Our Clients — List of largest customers, testimonials.
  • Our work — cases demonstrating customer tasks and stages of their solution.
  • Documents — licenses, permissions, permits, articles of incorporation.

Stages of our work

Creation and development of the corporate website of the company

Global immersion

A complete analysis of your business and competitors' client requests, this will make your business more unique.

Creation and development of the corporate website of the company

Page creation

We come up with the design of the pages and make them as user-friendly as possible.​

Creation and development of the corporate website of the company


We write text accompanied by your photos, videos and audio for the most useful presentation of services / products.

Creation and development of the corporate website of the company

Layout development

We coordinate with you every step-by-step design step.

Creation and development of the corporate website of the company


We implement adaptive layout for mobile devices.

Creation and development of the corporate website of the company

Connecting counters of web analytics systems

Set up goals for conversion tracking.

By filling out our Brief, it will give us the benefits to quickly create a "Corporate website"

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digital agency

What do you need corporate website?

The development of a corporate website allows you to immediately solve a huge number of issues. This kind of portal is needed not only to attract a huge number of customers. The main goals of the site are as follows:
  • Here the company posts the latest news and updates about its activities.
  • The site details all the services and products so that everyone can get all the necessary information in the shortest possible time.
  • The site also hosts all the documentation, which can be viewed by both clients and partners.
  • The site contains all contact information, including phone numbers, e-mail and other ways that anyone can contact the company. As a rule, this is necessary in order to be able to get expert advice and answers to all your questions. However, a company representative may be contacted in other situations. For example, employees of another company want to discuss a partnership with you.
  • The development of a company’s corporate website implies the study of all aspects so that not a single issue is left without attention, including the provision of a full-fledged Internet representation.
  • The corporate website focuses on several target audiences at once, contains a much larger amount of information and sections. Almost all of the company’s activities are reflected in one resource, from history to future plans. At the same time, each visitor to the site should find here the information of interest to him.
Website development for business should take into account a large number of tasks in order for the portal to meet the expectations placed on it.

Benefits? of a corporate website

  1. The ability to regularly notify the company’s customers, its own employees and potential partners about new promotions and products. Regular posting of news will allow everyone to stay up to date and quickly respond to new products and services.
  2. Having competently worked out the functionality of the site, you can create for all visitors the opportunity for full-fledged communication, where they can leave their feedback about a particular product and about the entire company as a whole. Building a direct dialogue with customers will significantly increase the level of organization in the eyes of potential buyers.
  3. The creation of a corporate website significantly expands the company’s capabilities not only in finding new customers, but also in attracting future partners.

Creating a corporate website on favorable terms: why should you turn to specialists?

Creating a website for business can be done quickly and efficiently if you use the services of a professional company OKEYCOMPANY. Specialists in the field offer their clients a large number of benefits and perform any task, so that each client is satisfied with the final result. The action plan looks like this:
  • Initially, all the main points are carefully discussed with the customer, answers are given to all questions and tasks are determined.
  • Even before the start of work, the customer knows exactly what to expect from the future resource. At the same time, developers always meet the needs of customers and take on more complex tasks when the customer needs something extra.
  • A detailed terms of reference is being drawn up and the main structures are being worked out.
  • Prototyping and design drawing takes place at the beginning of work, so you can always look at the preliminary result and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Programming the functionality and preparing unique content that will fill the pages.
  • Preliminary testing and full launch of the site.
  • After the site is completely ready and launched, specialists can take care of its maintenance and promotion so that the resource has stable development and gradually takes on a leading role.
If you need to create a turnkey corporate website, or just need consultation, or contact our managers. CALL: 8 (067) 814 18 18


Corporate website

What goes into creating a Corporate website

Корпоративного сайта

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