Order a technical
SEO audit of the

What is included in an SEO website audit?

Order an SEO website audit.

  • Server response codes
  • Meta tags
  • Headings
  • Content
  • Multimedia
  • Page indexing
  • Redirects
  • Links
  • HTTPS certificate
  • Server parameters
  • hreflang attributes
  • AMP pages

SEO - site audit and what is needed for?

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Order a seo site audit – a significant problem for most webmasters is the misconception about the need for an SEO audit. As you know, the creation of an online store, etc. is only the first step on the road to commercial success. The main work falls on its promotion, which can popularize and usability of a web resource, attract potential customers to it. Moreover, it is impossible to raise the position of the site without possessing special skills and craftsmanship.

There are many sites on the web with similar topics, and each of them is fighting for the top lines of the TOPs. At the same time, many advance with the help of entire teams, which include specialists who can create precise algorithms of actions. That is why SEO audit is required for every project that wants to be successful.

What is Search Audit?

SEO audit is a study of the site for compliance with the requirements of search engines. In another way, we can say that with the help of an audit, you can correct errors and shortcomings that interfere with the speedy and effective optimization of a resource in search engines. The fundamental point in a search audit is a thorough consideration of how search engines accept the project, how it is presented, what kind of competent contextual advertising is needed, what are the defects, how to set them up and eliminate them.

The fundamental moment in SEO-audit is the discovery of whether there is a site link in the search base. In the event that it is not, it is fixed in the search engines. An equally important factor is the application for testing keywords and checking the ranking due to the keys used.

The end result of the audit makes it possible to understand how many visitors see the resource in the search system, identify the right guides and identify shortcomings in the indexing of the web page.

Technical site audit – Who needs audit services?

Order a seo site audit – this procedure is necessary for everyone who has their own resource that is not very popular. Although search engine audits are used for prevention purposes by projects that occupy leadership positions in search engines.

Periods during which a comprehensive SEO audit is required:

It should be said that a search audit is a must and a recommendation for anyone who wants to increase conversions and traffic on their web page.

How long does it take to SEO audit?

As a rule, auditing takes quite a long time. Typically, initial work lasts about 2 weeks. During this time, a huge amount of information is collected, but subsequent analytics is carried out extremely quickly and correctly.

It’s important to know that work doesn’t end with the initial audit. The activities of SEO experts are 80% made up of a case of constant data analysis. The content is regularly updated and it is necessary to monitor its changes, keep under control the metrics and reactions of search engines to the changes made. Regular monitoring and analytics is a guarantee of success in SEO promotion!

What is the benefit of a website audit?

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SEO audit allows you to save money and precious time. And “transparent” work with an experienced SEO specialist will allow you to know about all his plans and algorithms of actions. This will further simplify accountability, and you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of his actions and recoup the cost of the service.

A professional audit with the specialists of our company will provide a high degree in the ratings of any site, and will also give you the opportunity to attract new visitors and customers.

How does look for an audit summary report?

The first thing you’ll see is a comprehensive domain score based on three priorities: high, medium, and low.

  • High priority is a setting that evaluates the presence of serious errors. They should be fixed first.
  • Medium Priority is a setting that looks into errors that are not critical but still affect domain optimization. Therefore, they also require correction.
    Low priority is the setting that evaluates the least significant errors. However, they also need to be corrected. The report below is a summary of the site errors that the service detected:
  • Error Summary, Meta Tags, Headings, Accessibility and Indexing, etc.

Server response code:

When you and a crawler access a site, the server will return certain responses. The site should not have pages that indicate server errors:

– Returns a URL with this error.

– error code (500-599).

These errors can lead to a decrease in site indexing speed or non-indexing of pages by the search engine.

– error code (400-499).

Links to non-existent pages found on the site.

Meta tags:

Title – this is the title that should reflect the essence of your page. Description – in it you should describe the brief content of your page. These meta tags play a significant role in page ranking and they should not exceed more than a certain amount.

Okeycompany recommends:

  • Requirements for writing title meta tags:

  • Title on the page in the code must be specified without fail;

  • Optimal title size should be between 10 and 70 characters;

  • Requirements for writing a description meta tag:

  • The length of the description meta tag should not exceed 300 characters, the optimal size is 70 – 160 characters;

And also Tinle and H1 should not be duplicated

– Duplicate, missing, short, long title and description.


H1 – must be unique and be located exclusively alone on the page and nothing else. Headings H1 and H6 must be in strictly hierarchical order!

3 main mistakes:

– No H1

– More than one H1 heading

– Out of page order


The content on the page plays a very important role for search engines and contains usefulness for users.

– Missing text in Body

– Pages with Lorem ipsum

– Page size too large


Visitors to your site won’t be able to see the images because the links are to non-existent images.

– Broken images

– Images too big

Page indexing:

Indexing is the work on the site and adding them to the database. Search spiders enter information of the site and pages that are searchable, links, images, videos and other elements on the site.

These are the technical internals that can affect page indexing.

– The canonical tag is used more than once

– Presence of iframe tag on pages

– Pages with little text

– Pages blocked from indexing using the noindex meta tag

– Availability of flash elements on site pages

– The canonical tag specifies a different page

– Canonical links lead to other domains

– Pages closed in robots.txt

–Canonical links lead to other domains


A redirect is directing users and spiders to a page that is different from what they originally requested.

– Pages with configured redirects

– The page the redirect is going to


It is important to set up links on the site correctly, because of this, errors complicate indexing and may fall in the search results.

– Site pages missing Favicon — this is the site icon that is displayed: next to the site in the search engine results.

– Lots of GET parameters in URL

– URL too long

– There are many outbound links on the page

HTTPS Certificate:

Google recently announced that having an HTTPS certificate is a ranking factor. And therefore, the presence of this certificate will increase the level of trust in your site.

– HTTPS pages link to HTTP pages

– Trust the certificate in all web browsers

– Validity of certificates.

– Self-signed SSL certificate

– Presence of an old version of the TLS protocol

– Invalid certificate

– Unprotected Pages

– HTTP pages in sitemap.xml

– Using HTTP Strict Transport security (HSTS) support

– Using the SSL protocol

– Presence of unprotected elements

Server Options:

–Checks if redirects are configured to the website version from www to non-www

–Redirect from http to https

hreflang attributes:

Hreflang attributes are central to international SEO.

– Is your site multilingual

AMP Pages:

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are accelerated pages for mobile devices. Sites that use AMP load faster on mobile devices and rank first in mobile search results.

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How much does it cost site audit?

Price 4999 UAH.

Working time 5-7 business days.

Order comprehensive site audit

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