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What is crowd marketing – modern advertising is aimed at tempting Internet users. Today it is impossible to hide from it. On a subconscious level, the psyche tries to protect a person from advertising attacks, so a person simply does not pay attention to it. Marketers are not up to the task. We have found a solution to this problem by promoting goods and services in a new and effective way. Our company uses crowd marketing to unobtrusively and competently attract attention in Ukraine and abroad. In a short time, we are guaranteed to ensure the success of your activities, and create the image of a reliable partner.

Crowd marketing

What is Crowd Marketing

What is crowd marketing? This is a modern way of communicating with potential buyers, which encourages them to take the actions necessary for a marketer. This is a kind of guerrilla way of working, with the help of which advertising messages and links are introduced into the Internet.

This type of marketing imperceptibly affects a potential buyer or consumer, prompting him to realize the need for a product or service before making a decision. In other words, a person who simply reads a message from marketers wants to buy a product that he may not even have planned to purchase before.

Marketers, like true professionals in their field, involve potential consumers in discussions, answer questions of interest in the “right direction”, pushing them to take certain actions. If the marketer does everything right, the user does not see the catch and secret meaning in such communication. Not only that, he is grateful for the free consultation and helpful advice. At the same time, he draws conclusions for himself, to which his marketer pushed him. The result of the work of a highly qualified specialist is 100% efficiency. The user is sure that he himself found the product he needed, which meets all the necessary characteristics.

How crowdlinks work

Крауд маркетинг

It is by nature that a person is subject to public opinion. Real customer reviews are much more important to users than advertising. Therefore, before buying, a potential user studies in detail the reviews of people who have already made purchases or ordered services. After analyzing the opinion, he makes a balanced and only correct decision. This is where kraut marketing plays a crucial role. In some cases, it can even turn the tide of events and immediately persuade a person to make the decision the marketer needs.

Recommendation – Placing crowdlinks in crowded places is the best solution to attract attention and increase buyers or users.

What is crowd marketing? Crowd links at first glance are harmless reviews or comments containing a link to the necessary resource, which ordinary people left out of good intentions. Therefore, they are not perceived by users as advertising. The user is not initially hostile to such a link to the site, because he was not forced to go there. I decided myself, I went in and found out everything about the product or service that was recommended to him as a good product.

The main thing is that the crowd link should be as natural as possible, and the user does not suspect a trick. But this can only be guaranteed by a professional who does this. We guarantee the creation and placement of correct links on the most visited forums.<​

What is the result of crowdlinks

Crowd links

What is crowd marketing and its definition – The effect of placing well-composed crowd links will not be long in coming. The result of crowd marketing will be:

  1. Attracting targeted traffic and potential customers. Users who follow the links will not only be able to make a purchase on the site, but will also increase the site’s ranking in search engines.
  2. The site’s link profile will become natural and productive. Crowd links are posted by real people, not robots, so they don’t get filtered by search engines.
  3. A brand promoted by marketers gains a good reputation. The main task of reviews containing links is to create a good image of the site and position users towards it. The more often users read good reviews of ordinary people about the brand, the stronger will be their conviction that this brand is worthy of attention.
  4. How do we spin websites and products

Our company is made up of high-class marketers who know how and where to promote a product or service.

We have been doing crowdlinks and article links for a long time. We create only eternal links for our clients from all over Ukraine, as well as the cities of Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkov.

The algorithm of our work is quite simple, but very effective. We carefully select the places of communication on the Internet. To do this, we study forums, comments under current articles, social networks. In a word, we find places of a large concentration of Internet users discussing the desired topic. We delve into the problem and the question of the user. We find the best solution, thereby helping the user. At the same time, we casually indicate a link to a website or a brand.

Home The advantage of our company is trust:

  • efficiency. We leave links only in popular places and relevant topics;

  • professionalism. We employ only professionals with extensive experience;

  • guarantee. We give a guarantee that the links will be in demand, otherwise we place them elsewhere;

  • best price.

Order the services of our company, incl. and in the city of Kyiv, you can on our website. Do not waste your precious time, use our promotion services today and in the near future you will receive the long-awaited effect in the form of an increase in orders and a good image. Tomorrow you will be talked about on the Internet.

To whom is contraindicated and who will tolerate failure by ordering crowd marketing

Запрет крауд ссылок

There is one important condition, under which we can talk about the effectiveness of crowd promotion. It is necessary to activate the chain reaction of popularization. That is, users must maintain communication, enter into a discussion, respond in some other way. Otherwise, even a large amount of crowd comments on different sites may be ineffective.

Not suitable crowd marketing for promotion such occupation as:

  • Local business. For example, you have a beauty salon in a small town, then it makes no sense to promote it through the crowd. It is much more effective to create a group on social networks or to open a representative office in a local online community.

  • B2B companies with a high check. A client-business from the premium segment is unlikely to evaluate the seller based on the reviews of random users. The same goes for narrow niche B2B companies with specific products.

  • Situational services. If you need emergency services, people will not look for solutions in discussions. For example, if you need the services of a tow truck or a taxi, a person will simply call the site from the top 3 issuance. Everyday goods. Products and things that people use every day in everyday life are not the objects that they look for on the Internet.

  • Network marketing. It is a huge mistake to try to move through the discussions of the whole activity. Crowd is about ensuring the popularization of a separate object, that is, your brand. And besides crowd marketing, there is a great option

      SEO – promotion, which we directly recommend to combine.

If there are no obstacles to the use of crowd marketing strategy, you can proceed to the choice of our price list.

What is crowd marketing and how it looks in action

What are Article Links and how they look like in action

Article eternal links is one of the most reliable methods of promoting your website , which will not give Google a reason to impose sanctions on your site and reduces the risks to zero! Because all articles are written individually with 100% uniqueness by hand, by our team of copywriters and posted on thematic sites!

Great, since you have read everything to the end and now it has become clear to you whether this type of promotion suits you or not! If yes, then we will be happy to promote your site!

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