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Order a landing page – please check with our managers which domain names are included as a gift!


Order landing page – a one-page site (Landing page), unlike full-fledged sites, is a squeeze and concentrate of the most important information presented on one page about a product or any service. When viewing a landing page, a person is not distracted by anything superfluous, reads the text in a convenient format divided into blocks, and this makes it more likely to become a client of the online store. It doesn’t take much time to create a landing page, but this is if it is developed by professionals.

Development landing page

When developing a landing page from scratch, there are many nuances to consider. You will need knowledge of html, photoshop, design, etc. Experience with platforms such as WordPress and Joomla is also important. If Ukraine is the main country from which people will come to your page, then this will reduce the cost of creating it. If your target audience is Russia or a number of other countries, and not just the city of Kyiv, then a translation of the landing page will be required.

What You will get:

Unique design

Quality styling affects aesthetics. When it comes to website design, you want to find a balance between traditional and unique. Maintaining certain standards is important for your visitors to feel comfortable and use your site as they please, but a little style and some modern features can help you stand out in the very crowded space that is the Internet.

Landing page creation
Landing page creation

Image content

Professional copywriting can do wonders and make selling products and services much easier. But how is the assessment done? There are several mandatory criteria that quality content must meet:

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mobile version

Mobile devices have changed our society. People constantly keep them with them to communicate and search for information. In many countries, there are more smartphones than computers. Adapting your site for viewing on a small screen is very important, since most users will most likely navigate to your site using a mobile device.

Landing page creation

landing page order turnkey

Order a landing page – before ordering the creation of a landing page, it is important for the developer to briefly describe the essence of your business, the benefits of a product or service. This is called a marketing brief, which will eliminate misunderstandings between the client and the specialist who creates landings. A landing page is the most effective way to increase sales. You can order it from us inexpensively and if you hurry, then get ahead of your competitors, gaining a foothold in the market. Working with us, you get:

– free domain;

– made turnkey landing;

– a guarantee for the work done;

– a sharp increase in the number of sales.

In a beautiful and understandable form, all information about services or products for sale will be conveyed to your potential customers. The main elements of a landing page are large, attention-grabbing headlines, graphics, tables, pictures, various fonts, and interesting videos. In order for the creation and development of a landing page to bring the desired effect, each inscription or image must attract attention. More details here »

Stages of our work

Landing page creation

Global immersion

A complete analysis of your business and competitors' client requests, this will make your business more unique.

Landing page creation

Page creation

We come up with a page design and make it as user-friendly as possible.​

Landing page creation


We write text accompanied by your photos, videos and audio for the most useful presentation of services / products.

Landing page creation

Layout development

We coordinate with you every step-by-step design step.

Landing page creation


We implement adaptive layout for mobile devices.

Landing page creation

Connecting counters of web analytics systems

Set up goals for conversion tracking.

By filling out our Brief, it will give us advantages to create a landing page faster

Let's speed up this process together

How much does it cost to create a landing page

We have an acceptable price for creating a landing page in Ukraine and we deliver projects just in time, which is a good deal for clients. The specialists of our company are developing the creation of a landing page in cities such as Odessa, Kharkov, Minsk, Kiev, etc. If you need to create a landing page, then you can find out how much it costs, you can call on tel. 0 (800) 214 368 or fill in the form calculate services after, our manager will contact you.

In most cases, the cost of creating a landing page depends on the volume and complexity of the work being done. We work with each client individually, taking into account all his wishes, so it is possible to find out exactly how much it costs to create landing page sites after identifying all the details and nuances that pop up during the project. Another area of our activity is creating a business card website, which is a budget way of presenting information about a firm.


Landing page

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landing page
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