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Who are we?

We are a creative digital agency with a mission. We are major players capable of generating ideas for brand development.

Our mission

We supply brands that want to stand out, be heard and grow in today’s ever-changing world.

What are we doing

We help brands find their voice, build social connections and build campaigns

About Us

Advertising “turnkey” in Ukraine

Turnkey advertising

Digital agency Okeycompany provides a turnkey service to companies in Ukraine that want to increase revenue and communicate their product to a wide range of public .

For a successful business, progressive and rapid growth, you need a competent advertising campaign. Of course, you can let business processes “free float”, but then you should not count on a significant increase in profits. The right development strategy is the basis of success, and an important tool that stimulates growth and increases profits is competent advertising.

What does effective advertising do for you? Key Benefits:

  1. Serves as a “push” for development and growth.
  2. Promotes the company’s activities and end product.
  3. Grows your customer base and builds profitable partnerships.
  4. Increases company profits.

Our advertising activity brings expected results because :

  1. We create professional projects that are 100% profitable.

  2. We carry out advertising events according to a strategy developed in advance and agreed with the customer.

  3. At the start, we carefully study the scope of the company, its strengths and weaknesses.

  4. We provide a comprehensive approach.

The main directions of the advertising agency

marketing agency

Odessa team of creative specialists works for your success. After agreement with the customer, we consistently perform all the tasks. Practical experience and a creative attitude help the team to achieve a positive result. We can “promote” any business from scratch: promote an online store on the Internet, increase the sales market for manufacturers, popularize a new brand and perform other services for customers from Odessa, Kharkov, Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. After a month of our work, you will feel a significant effect and financial recovery.

Experience has shown that advertising in the media and social networks contributes to a significant promotion of goods and services, is a way to attract a mass audience and maintains a keen interest in companies. We are implementing powerful PR projects that are aimed at fresh publications, articles in the media and online society, holding events.

The importance of the Internet in advertising is obvious to many, just read customer reviews. SEO promotion includes a wide range of services, which together give a positive result.

We professionally approach SEO optimization and implement :

  1. study of consumer demand for the company’s product;
  2. analyzing the list of promoted requests;
  3. we carry out external and internal optimization (we improve the site and its positioning in the search);
  4. analyze customer behavior and improve response rate;
  5. we analyze the results of the work, make adjustments, improve the quality.<​

Why Reliable and profitable?

We are glad to each customer, we respect any business and perform work of varying complexity. In the beginning: we will get to know you, consult and give practical recommendations for the successful promotion of your business. Working with our agency is convenient and profitable, because for successful activity you need reliable companion in the field of advertising. The price of advertising services depends on the volume and specifics of the tasks you set, as well as the time spent to achieve the maximum effect. We guarantee a loyal cost, after preliminary negotiations and agreement with the customer. To order effective advertising in our agency, call right now at 8 (067) 814 18 18 or e-mail: okeycompany1111@gmail.com

Discover solutions for every business goal.

Jewelry design

Our design team masterfully creates brand assets that inspire emotions and drive results.

A selection of material

Our Designer selects pictures, icons and other media according to the theme of the site.

We adapt

Adaptation of the site for 4 types of gadgets of mobile devices (tablet and phone, vertically and horizontally)

Growth Planning

We develop data-driven strategy and product launch plans to help companies better understand and reach their customers.

Website development

Whether you are building an online store from scratch or want to make small changes, our team will find a solution that will fit your needs.

We are not bullshit

Everything we do is transparent. As it should be.

Why choose us? digital agency Okeycompany

Trust our professionals, they enjoy their work and convey this pleasure in everything they do. Our clients perceive this from the very first moment and they notice how little detail is taken care of to make their life more comfortable, without surprises or problems.

Trust us, we will not:

– create two template ads for the entire campaign;
– fill ads with ineffective keywords;
– spin your ad where it does not work;
– set a high cost per click in order to spend your budget faster.

For a safe transaction, we conclude an agreement with you! Treaty!

1. We have discounts when paying immediately for 2 months, for advertising: Facebook, Instagram and Google AdWords.
2. And also you bring a friend to our website and in return you get a discount of -500 UAH. for each payment.

Each client is unique. Customers order from many for many reasons. But, in most cases, it comes down to one word: Trust.

We provide a wide range of services, from: website development to creating logos for your business.
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About Us

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