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Digital Agency is a digital agency primarily dedicated to marketing your business, products and services to the digital world. This is achieved through website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, paid online advertising, social media, email marketing, and other services.

Privat24, Monobank and Cashless payment!

For a safe transaction, we will conclude an agreement with you!

1. We have discounts when paying immediately for 2 months, for advertising: Facebook, Instagram and Google AdWords.
2. And also you bring a friend to our website and in return you get a discount of -500 UAH. for each payment.

Order Google Ads is a wonderful solution for online advertising . Thanks to such advertising, your companies can promote their products and services in Google search. Google advertising allows you to select specific goals, such as increasing the number of calls or website visitors. And also you can read and watch the full video review – here

No! Google does not allow ads for the following products:
— cigarettes, tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, lighters;
— medications, steroids, dietary supplements;
— any weapon.

A possible reason is the lack of selling qualities of the site:
— prices are not indicated or poorly indicated;
— no product images;
— a small assortment;
— the offer is poorly described and not attractive;

Also, managers who sell poorly are often to blame!

The keywords are selected by the specialist of the contractor’s company, the list of keywords is agreed with the customer for the presence of absolutely irrelevant keywords. Having a list of relevant keywords, the contextual advertising specialist reserves the right to choose which keywords to use in contextual advertising and which not to use.

The client cannot indicate which keywords will bring conversions based on their purely personal beliefs and without having web analytics data that proved the effectiveness of the keywords.

We will not:

– create two template ads for the entire campaign;
– fill ads with ineffective keywords;
– spin your ad where it does not work;
– set a high cost per click in order to spend your budget faster.

Answers on questions. Of course you can. Website promotion and contextual advertising are unrelated processes that can be performed in parallel without interfering with each other.

SEO promotion — is the work of bringing a site to the TOP of Google.
SEO — is a marketing tool with two sides of the coin. On the one hand, it is an excellent channel for attracting inexpensive traffic. On the other hand, it is a bit long, difficult.

The first results will be 3 months after the start of work. We guarantee that in 8 months after the start of work, the site will be in the first 10 Google positions for 75% of the queries selected for promotion.

SEO — is a real tool for driving traffic. SEO will help increase thematic traffic, as well as improve its quality. As a result, the number of applications and sales from the site increases. And SEO will help to check the work of the site and the sales system.

First of all, no one can guarantee the first place in the search results (if only because the search results are different and depend on the region, site age and other indicators). It is still unlikely that you will be able to reach the top for queries in one word, and there is no special point in this.
Despite the fact that SEO is a fairly powerful marketing tool, it will not be possible to complete all marketing work only with the help of search engine promotion. Good search engine promotion definitely cannot be fast and cheap, and you can’t achieve good results without constant work on the site.

In order to find out the cost of promoting your site, you need to send application or call us, and our specialists will prepare a commercial offer in the near future time!

Everything is very simple! Fill out application or just give us a call!

It is necessary to wait a little. It takes time to grow positions, search engine results change gradually, it may take several months to achieve a result, it is important to understand this from the very beginning. The first two weeks there may not be any changes in the promoted words, this is a normal situation.

Not enough time has passed to achieve the result, only in very rare cases a client can get a tangible effect from SEO in the first month. The site promotion service involves a long work on the site and the result must be expected for several months. Evaluating the work of an SEO company based on the results of the first month of work is wrong. In the vast majority of cases, promotion in organic search results will be significantly cheaper than contextual advertising, but for this you need to work on the site from 3 to 6 months.

Answers on questions. Finding a site in a leading position in the search results and simultaneous special placement of a contextual ad does not mean that you are overpaying. In the vast majority of cases, a user who has gone to a site from the search results does not click on contextual advertising of the same resource, and vice versa. Practice shows that it is complex promotion (SEO + context) that contributes to the development of the most successful Internet sites, since the maximum coverage of the target audience is achieved.

For some reason, some clients have an opinion that the site promotion service needs to be paid for only a few months, after which the site will remain in the TOP “forever”. This point of view has always surprised us. A billboard that stands on the street is paid monthly, advertising on TV, radio, in the press stops working as soon as you stop paying for it, and even a boy who delivers leaflets every month will demand a salary, but SEO, for some reason, must be paid once and always work. SEO is a very effective (sometimes the most effective) type of advertising for many types of businesses, in order to get a tangible result, promotion work must be carried out constantly, funds to maintain high positions must be constantly spent. Good advertising costs money, it cannot be free.

Answers on questions. SMM is the promotion of your business, which allows you not only to get customers here and now (mainly through targeted advertising), but also to develop your site (account/page) in the long term. A platform that will be trusted by people and bear fruit in the form of loyal customers and sales.
Social media is the new trend. Popular and growing. Filling more and more time in people’s lives. Being represented in a social network is necessary if you are doing business “seriously and for a long time”

Yes, through targeted advertising. You can create a page of your company in social networks, with a description of goods or services, and bring customers to it.

The timing of the launch of an advertising campaign is indicated at the stage of concluding a contract in the calculation of the cost of work and depends on the amount of work to be done. The more tools, formats and lines of business you plan to use, the more time it will take for our specialists to develop promotional materials and set up tools. We recommend that you take your time with the launch and carefully coordinate promotional materials. We are professionals in the field of advertising on the Internet, but no one is better than you with the specifics of your business, so it is important to work together to develop advertising materials that will be well-written and will be able to interest the target audience. Despite the fact that advertising materials are optimized and, if necessary, corrected by our technical specialists, we recommend that you make all the necessary changes at the project launch stage. In the future, this will help to rationally spend the budget and prevent the suspension of advertising campaigns during a large-scale revision of materials.

– Contextual advertising is shown in response to specific user requests in the search. This is how you respond to generated demand (for example, “Doctor’s House Call” services) or urgent problems (for example, “electrician’s call”). People are looking for something – they are shown your classified ad.
– Targeted ads are shown to users who have not explicitly expressed their request, but may be interested in your offer. When setting up, you specify the characteristics of the target audience that you know – set up targeting options.
– These people are not looking for your product right now, but they may respond to your offer. The same “House call doctor services” can be shown by targeting by relevant interests.

1. Explosives and materials (with the exception of pyrotechnic products).
2. Earnings on the Internet.
3. Casinos, sweepstakes, any gambling and betting.
4. Financial pyramids.
5. Political advertising (with the exception of election campaigning, which is placed in compliance with the requirements of the law).
6. Alcoholic and alcohol-containing products.
7. Tobacco, tobacco products, tobacco products and smoking accessories, including pipes, hookahs, cigarette papers, lighters, electronic cigarettes and accessories.
8. Prescription drugs, contraceptives.
9. Artificial termination of pregnancy.
10. Narcotic and psychotropic substances, means of their use.
11. Human organs and/or tissues as objects of sale.
12. Weapons, including self-defense, sporting, hunting and signal weapons.
13. Illegal software, books, music or films.
14. Counterfeits (copies, replicas) of goods.
15. Predictions, astrological forecasts, witchcraft, healing.
16. Products and services of an erotic nature.
17. Sale of services via SMS.
18. Preparation and writing of final qualifying works, dissertations and other works provided for by the state system of scientific certification or necessary for students to pass an intermediate or final certification.

Answers on questions. Search SEO audit will help not only evaluate your site from the user’s point of view, but also look at it through the eyes of a search engine . As a result of such an analysis, you will receive specific recommendations for improving your resource and preparing it for search promotion. This will eliminate the functional shortcomings of the resource that may negatively affect the process of successful promotion.
Search audit is the first step in the complex promotion of your website. Search site audit is necessary for competent preparation for work on SEO.
Search site audit is an SEO study, the first preparatory stage of search engine optimization. Our company provides this service as part of a comprehensive website promotion.

As a result, you will receive a detailed report with a complete list of technical problems on the site and solutions with an indication of the criticality and priority of their correction, which will be prepared by a specialist manually, taking into account the specifics of the site.

Answers on questions. No, our company does not fix bugs, we give recommendations on how to fix them!

Semantic core (SN) is an ordered set of words, as well as their phrases and morphological forms, most accurately describing the goods, services, type of activity, etc. presented on the site. Simply put, these are real user requests, with the help of which they are looking for information about your products and services in Google and Yandex search engines. It is on them that the site will be promoted.

After collecting and grouping requests by landing pages, it is necessary to optimize headings, meta tags and landing page content for them.

All the materials that you have for the site: logo, corporate identity samples, texts about the company, price lists. If you do not have any of the above, then we will make a “fish” of the site and will fill it together.

The name is registered remotely on one of the site registrators of domain names, is registered in the name of the client and belongs to the client.
We charge in accordance with the currently established tariff plans for the service. Payment for the site corresponds to the selected tariff plan. You can get acquainted with the service plans on our website or check the information in technical support.

Yes, after accepting the site, we are required to conduct training in the site management system. However, many refuse this lesson, since the admin panel is simple and intuitive.

Estimated dates can be found in service packages at website development. Based on experience, we can say that the process of developing a site takes from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the amount of work.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the main time in the development of the site is the process of coordinating individual stages with the customer. The process is especially delayed if the customer does not promptly respond to developers’ requests.

Yes, we are registering. We are an official partner of

Hosting is the place where the website, its files and database are stored. Domain is the name of the site on the Internet. For the full operation of the site, you need both hosting and a domain. These are two separate services, they are ordered and paid separately.

We recommend hosting where we host our websites:

Sites developed in our studio Okeycompany are under free warranty support for one month, during this period you can make minor corrections and clarifications of information. For longer site support, see our tariff plans.
Site maintenance and maintenance is included
  • Scheduled work site health monitoring, domain registration and hosting deadlines, site backup
  • Maintenance website protection against viruses, disaster recovery, technical support
  • Website Maintenance
Site support is a set of tasks that is associated with ensuring the stable operation of the project. In most cases, we are talking about technical support. Web developers rarely undertake content filling, design changes and other non-core services.
It’s important to keep your site running smoothly. In the view of most resource owners, one can limit oneself only to developing a site and then it will function independently, making a profit – this is not entirely true.

Technical support is a set of works aimed at ensuring the stable operation of the site and its development, so that it is always available to users, as well as eliminating any internal failures.

How much does website maintenance cost?
The price depends on the package you choose for site technical support services!
If site visitors note the unstable operation of the resource or incorrect display of certain design elements, and you also need to introduce any improvements or new functionality to the site, technical support services will be the best solution.
  • functional testing;
  • usability audit;
  • technical audit;

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